Premium protection for Univega E mountain bikes

Together with Univega, Allianz offers a comprehensive guarantee, hull and theft insurance cover for e-mountain bikes. When you buy a new Univega E-mountain bike, you can purchase the "protect-a-bike" insurance from your dealer. The protection of protect-a-bike is geared to the needs of e-mountain bikes and significantly more extensive than conventional bicycle insurance.

The insurance benefits

In the event of an accident, protect-a-bike Insurance will cover the costs of the repair, regardless of who caused it. It is a fully comprehensive insurance with replacement value replacement. It covers all self-inflicted and indebted accidents, vandalism and the forces of nature to new value.

If your e-bike is stolen, you will get it replaced. The theft protection applies for every day and night time. In addition, your e-bike must be completed but not connected.

The engine and battery of your Univega e-mountain bike are insured for up to three years against technical defects. There is a functional guarantee for the whole e-bike with the exception of wearing parts.

Should you ever lie down with your Univega e-mountain bike, Europe-wide mobility insurance will help. It covers the costs of taxi or train up to the amount of 250 euros.

Costs and duration

  • For e-mountain bikes with a purchase price up to 3,000 euros, the policy costs 199 euros once.
  • For e-mountain bikes from a purchase price of 3,000 euros, the policy costs only 299 euros.
  • The term of protect-a-bike is three years.

Univega dealer

Ask your Univega dealer for the protect-a-bike insurance

Your dealer will take care of the transaction and you will receive your insurance documents on the spot. From now on you are premium insured and can immediately with your new Univega E-MTB on the trail.

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