How do you choose your right MTB drive?

You talk shop with your friends about what kind of e-mountain bike you want to buy and everyone discusses engine performance first. Can you do that? But does not necessarily lead to the goal. Actually, it's about what you intend to do. What do you want to drive? To experience something? Which driving feeling is important to you? Not every MTB drive is suitable for everything and everyone. Tour or trails, or rather both? Here we arrange the drives for you. Whether it's all about performance, you decide:

The purpose determines the MTB drive

The trail rider

You are on the way to Pro and want to drive mostly trails? This requires that your E-MTB reacts just as easily and agile as a mountain bike without MTB drive. For this purpose, Shimano has created a MTB drive that fulfills exactly that: Shimano Steps E8000.

  • The engine is particularly light, only 2.8 kg
  • The torque provides the appropriate support on the trail, not too much and not too little, with 70 Nm
  • The geometry of the E-MTB may correspond to that of the non-E-MTB. The design of this MTB drive allows the use of a shorter chainstay so that the geometry of a standard MTB can be used.
  • The kick feeling with this MTB drive is very direct whether with or without assistance

All in all, you choose this system if you want to experience something special on the trail and do not want to compromise on a normal mountain bike.

The tour and trail rider

You just want both: On the trail and extended tours. You need a MTB drive that can do both. You expect support that Uphill is pure pleasure. The MTB drive Bosch Performance Line CX is best suited for this purpose:

  • The immediate support from the first start facilitates the start on steep climbs
  • The powerful torque up to 75 Nm and ensures sporty acceleration even in alpine terrain
  • The own performance of the driver is dynamically amplified between 120% and 300%
  • Depending on the pedal pressure, the progressive engine assistance automatically adapts to the individual driving style

This MTB drive is right for you, especially if you want to put strong performance on any terrain.

The tour driver

Trails are not your world but extended tours? In addition you love strong support and a strong dynamic start. The MTB drive Impulse Evo RS is made for you:

  • In all tests, the MTB drive Impulse Evo RS is certified to have the longest range
  • The MTB drive supports all systems most powerfully, with a torque of 80 Nm.
  • In Ultra mode, this MTB drive accelerates particularly fast

If you need an E-MTB, which is particularly enduring and you love rapid acceleration, then the MTB drive Impulse EVO RS is just right.

MTB drive FAQ

Does the weight play a special role in the selection of the MTB drive?

  • Does the torque determine the choice of the MTB drive?
  • Do you have to pay particular attention to the battery performance of the MTB drive?
  • Do I have to deal with the design of the engine?
  • No you do not have to. Questions that may have occupied you before, all have the same answer:

If you know what you want to drive, then you can choose your system accordingly: Trail / Shimano Steps E8000, Tour / Impulse Evo RS or both / Bosch Performance CX.

And the care of the MTB drive?

Please do not use a pressure washer, even if it is provided at bike festivals. High pressure is good for no bike and not for a MTB drive. The MTB drive and the battery unit are protected against splash water. This only includes the use of water from a garden hose. Do not forget: remove the battery unit before cleaning.

That's all. Now the decision is up to you: Ride it your way!