Range indication gilded at the lowest support, optimal conditions and a fully charged, new battery.

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in Germany

Hydroforming means forming metallic tubes or hollow bodies in a closed mold by means of internal pressure. In the bicycle manufacturing tube sets with complex shapes are produced by hydroforming. By this method, you can adjust and molding the wall thickness a required; this can save weight an cost.
Tapered Headtube
Tapered Headtube
The Tapered headtube ensures particularly at curved road conditions and high speeds for excellent handling. By the conical head tube (Tapered headtube) the weight was reduced in the steering range, while increasing the headset stiffness. This provides more stability while cycling, thus improving the steering and handling of the bike - whether on the road or in the field.
Maxle System
Maxle System
Maxle System is a refined axle system that makes the wheel lighter and stiffer. And with a lighter weight you can make your bike even easier to do what you want. Especially when you need no tool to remove, neither front nor rear. And the extra stiffness gives you the precision you need to master every hellish route.
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Originally introduced at the end of the 19th century as protection against cheap imports in the UK, the term Made in Germany today applies worldwide as a hallmark. It stands for first-class production of high-quality materials and top quality.
Internal Cable Routing
Internal Cable Routing
When Internal Cable Routing the cables of the circuit and / or brake cables are routed through the inside of the frame. This allows many advantages in addition to a tidy harmonious appearance. Thus, the internally routed cables are better protected from mud, dirt and other atmospheric agents and their wear-promoting effect.
Integrated Akku
Integrated Akku
With these bikes the battery is completely integrated in the downtube. This makes for a tidier, more harmonious look. For external charging, the battery can be easily removed from the downtube and it is possible to lock the battery in the downtube thanks to the ABUS Plus lock with universal key system.


Frame shape
Frame size short
Wheel size (inch)
Seat tube (mm)
Top tube (mm)
Head tube angle (°)
Seat tube angle (°)
Chain stay (mm)
Bottom bracket drop (mm)
Head tube (mm)
Fork build length (mm)
Fork rake (mm)
Wheel base (mm)
Stack (mm)
Reach (mm)